Trying to stay connected in a disconnected world

Parenting is hard! Not only must Christian parents deal with the enemy trying to manipulate and lead our children astray, they also must navigate a world that is pulling them and their children in many different directions.  As Christian parents, we want to go to God's Word as our source for instruction and use the truths and principles of Scripture to lead and guide our families.  We also want to rely on the help and support of others to point us in the right direction and help remind us that we are not alone in this. Below are some select resource from and online ministry resource called Axis.  More resources are available on their website, but for now - here are a few to help you keep going.

Social media seems to be everywhere. It has infiltrated our society and captured the attention of most teenagers. As parents, we might struggle to keep up with the latest trends and newest platforms. But, don't worry, no more need to be overwhelmed! there are numerous resources out there to equip Christian parents to navigate this new world. There's a medium for every learning type, from written, video, and audio resources. Topics include TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, twitter, influencers, etc. Learn how social media is affecting the way children thinks about relationships.

Navigating Christianity

Following Jesus can be a difficult thing, especially if your a teenager in today's world. The secular world doesn’t always agree with the Gospel of Jesus. As parents, you have the opportunity to disciple your children kids and work to become that trusted voice in their life. The goal of all Christian parents is to disciple their children in topics such as, the Bible, prayer,  doubt and any other huge questions surround what is the purpose of this life.