Ministry Forms and Policies

In this section, you will find our Annual Parental Consent Form, and ministry policies for our family ministries. If you have an interest in serving at our church, you can share your interest by completing the volunteer sign up form at the bottom of the page.  

Child Protection Policy

SIBC is committed to protecting infants, preschoolers, children, and youth from sexual, emotional, and physical abuse. SIBC has a zero tolerance policy prohibiting any act of sexual, emotional, or physical abuse. The zero tolerance policy requires of all SIBC employees and volunteers the immediate reporting to the SIBC Student Pastor of any occurrence or suspected occurrence of any abuse. 

You can read our full policy by clicking the link: Child Protection Policy.

Well Child Policy

Our volunteers strive to provide a clean, healthy, and nurturing environment for your children.  We strive to be sensitive to and make provisions for the healthcare concerns of all children and their families.  

We want to prevent the spread of illness, and to provide a safe, healthy environment for all our children and volunteers. We ask that you keep your child home any time she or he exhibits any symptoms of the flu, or any transmittable illness at any time during the 24 hours prior to coming to church.

Once your child is symptom freefor a minimum of 24 hours without medication, they may return to church activities.

You can read our full policy by clicking the link: Well Child Policy.

Parental Consent Form

We have a lot of events and activities throughout the year for Students (6th-12th grade). Instead of filling out and signing a waiver for each event, we ask that parents fill out one form (per student) for the entire year. 

There are several parts to the form. It contains a medical waiver, medical release, and photo/social media release form.

You can download and print the consent form by clicking the link: Annual Parent Consent Form '20.